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Bill Chrastil (Lincoln NE)

Website | Email: | Phone: (402) 432-1707

Bill has been a full time musician and entertainer since 1983. In addition to being a songwriter and producer, he is also an accomplished instrumentalist, playing the guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums...Full Details


Dylan Bloom Band (Fremont NE)

Website | Email: | Phone: (402) 719-7144

Emerged from a small farm town along the Platte River, the Dylan Bloom Band now bases out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Their heartland themed songs are sweeping across the midwest where audiences immediately...Full Details


Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc. (Bloomfield IA)

Website | Email: | Phone: (641) 641-1216 | Toll-Free: (888) 364-1216

Full Details


Hypnosis & More Stage Shows (Lincoln NE)

Website | Email: | Phone: (402) 483-7474

The Mind WizardThat HypnotistRay Thompson, "The Mind Wizard," is a leading performer of mind magic and stage hypnosis in the Midwest. In addition, he represents a number of performers he has trained a...Full Details


Love Entertainment (Valley Center KA)

Website | Email: | Phone: (615) 813-0854

Full Details


Mike Prochnow Stage Hypnotist (Seward NE)

Website | Email: | Phone: (402) 440-0944 | Fax: (402) 535-2341

Full Details


Richard Renner/Vodvill Entertainment Co. (Lawrence KA)

Website | Email: | Phone: (913) 634-1711

Why have a little Fun when you can have TOO MUCH? Your patrons will think you brought in a whole circus when they see all that Richard has to offer!He brings with him a variety of ways to make you lau...Full Details


Sheila Greenland Band (Arcadia NE)

Website | Email: | Phone: (402) 480-0342

Full Details


Sheri Spell Stage Hypnotist (Nashville TN)

Website | Email: | Phone: (772) 497-6689

My name is Sheri Spell and I’m a Comedy Stage Hypnotist in Music City, Nashville, TN and travel nationwide. Born and raised in Nebraska and always love going back home!When entertaining, my show all...Full Details


The Rude Band LLC (Sioux Falls SD)

Website | Email: | Phone: (605) 351-3282 | Fax: (605) 789-3400

On any given night you can find them playing “Callin Baton Rouge,” a country classic, and moving right on to “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” a rock power anthem, and then seamlessly glide into the mo...Full Details


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