Resolution for County Agricultural Society to use autherized contractor

posted on April 8, 2017 at 10:10pm CDT

 This is a resolution  for Ag. Societies  to designate a contractor or vendor.  Form 17 is to be used when the item purchased is to be annexed to real estate i.e. electrical wiring or plumbing.  Thus if a ag. society regularly calls on a particular contractor or service company to make repairs which are annexed to the fairgrounds the resolution should be adopted and signed by the contractor and the form can be used to avoid multiple form 17 usage.

Form 13 is used for other purchases such as office supplies, ribbons or other items not annexed to the real estate making up the fairgrounds.  Therefore the blanket box can be checked and left with the store.  No need for a resolution to accompany this set of circumstances.vendor who routinely provides labor, services or material

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