Show case for 2020 Convention

posted on January 1, 2020 at 4:06pm CST

2020 NAFM Convention

Showcase Schedule

Friday, January 24, 2020






7:30 PM    The Band NRG                                                                         

                  The Band NRG



7:50 PM    Mike Walker                                                                              

                  American Redneck Comedy



8:10 PM    McKenzie JaLynn Band                                                           

                  McKenzie JaLynn 



8:30 PM  Graves Bloodline                                                                    

                 Liz Gregory Talent



8:50 PM   Eastern Heights                                                                        

                 Stagewest Entertainment



9:10 PM  The Victory Underground Band                                                

                The Victory Underground Band                    













2020 NAFM Convention

Showcase Schedule

Saturday, January 25, 2020





2:00 PM    Alec Davis Band                                                                  

                  American Bands Entertainment                                                  



2:20 PM   Sweetwater Band                                                              

                 Sweetwater Band/Randy Klingensmith                                                                       



2:40 PM   Jason Brown                                                                       

                 Bobby Baker Enterprises



3:00 PM    Sheila Greenland Band                                                        

                  Sheila Greenland



3:20 PM     Richard Holmgren & Flying Debris Show                                                                        

                   Vodvil Entertainment



3:40 PM   Justin Kane                                                                             

                 Vision Productions, Inc.



4:00 PM   Craig Sheller                                                                          

                 Creative Community Promotions



4:20 PM   Lucas Minor Band                                                                 

                Bourelle Productions


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