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The Rude Band LLC



48501 Snowbird Circle
Sioux Falls SD 57108

Phone: (605) 351-3282

About Our Fair:

On any given night you can find them playing “Callin Baton Rouge,” a country classic, and moving right on to “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” a rock power anthem, and then seamlessly glide into the most recent XM Radio hit. Not too long after that, it’s a non-stop dance marathon that includes 80’s and 90’s one-hit wonders, the newest dance club favorites and then “substitute the most recent hip-hop or rap hit here.” At the end of the night, one can expect to hear perennial favorites Zac Brown, AC/DC and Sir Mix-A-Lot—or something completely different!

No genre is off limits, no era is untouched, no hit is out of reach!

The Rude Band’s song list is one of the most varied in the business and people love it. If you walked in off the street and heard them for the first time playing just one country, rock or dance hit, you could easily assume that they were born to play that kind of music and then get completely thrown when the next song is so absolutely different from the last.

Chalk it up to genius or simply ADD, you never know exactly what you’re going to hear when you go to a Rude Band show, but you know it’s going to be fun!

The Rude Band plays an almost non-stop, four-hour show, with only one break. By the end of the night you may be breathless and wondering if you should start working out.

Since 1991, The Rude Band has been packing bars, ballrooms, street dances, private parties, colleges and fairs. With their concert quality sound and lighting production, there’s not many acts that can touch their quality and entertainment value. And, it’s just really hard to believe that they can be so good!

If you haven’t seen The Rude Band, what are you waiting for?

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