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Billie Puttergill



TRYON NE 69167

Phone: (308) 660-1280

About Our Fair:

Billie J is a comedian who could sell ice cubes to Eskimos! A salesman at heart and entertainer by destiny, she loves to engage people with her crazy, real-life stories. Her childhood was spent growing up on a farm in southwest Nebraska where her stories began. She went off to college to major in boys and basketball. She still has a mean hook shot, just ask the referee from the college alumni game! Billie J and her longtime husband have been married too many years to count. They live on a ranch in the Sandhills, and she says her comedy isn’t raunchy, it’s ranchy! Living in an area where comedy is scarce has forced her to use unconventional ways to perform shows. She has traveled to many states in the Midwest, raising the world’s vibration with laughter. She stalks many comedians like Tim the Dairy Farmer, for advice and mentorship. Also getting to perform with well-known people like the famous actor/comedian Tatanka Means at Rosebud Casino. If you talk their leg off, they will put you on stage! Having a podcast interview with the enjoyable Nick Hoff turned into a show opener. She calls herself, “Halftime with Billie J,” because she is sharing over half a century of real-life stories. Her podcast, “Not the Trophy Wife,” is inspired by her husband. Ranch life is far from glamorous as her comedy portrays. Billie J has performed in bars, breweries, county fairs, corporate events, theatre shows, post prom, birthday parties and even wedding receptions. No stage is too big or too small for this Midwest comic. Follow her @halftimewithbilliej on all platforms.

Coming in 2024 "Not the Trophy Wife" tour.

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