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Hypnosis & More Stage Shows


3821 N. 9th Street
Lincoln NE 68521

Phone: (402) 483-7474

About Our Fair:

Edward is Nebraska's own and has directed comedy hypnosis shows from Richardson County to Bayard in Morrill County and points north and south, as well as the Nebraska State Fair.

Consulting hypnotist since 2003 and stage hypnotist since 2005, Edward met Ray Thompson at 2007's Nebraska State Fair. Short story, they became friends and Ray mentored Edward in the business of being a comedy stage hypnotist. While Edward is Nebraska's own, he has directed shows in ten states. Beginning 2016, Ray asked Edward to represent Hypnosis and More at NAFM's annual meetings and he continues to do so. You need someone to entertain the 4-H and FFA members as well as the children and adults who attend your fair or festival. Whether it's from a smaller free stage, entertaining before a grandstand act, or to be the grandstand act, Edward Wunder, That Hypnotist, can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Contact Edward at

Call Edward at 402.483.7474.

Find Edward on Facebook: That Hypnotist

Find Edward's Festival and County Fair shows on YouTube: That Hypnotist

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